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Thanks to the sharply increased popularity of the Kraken, many have become interested in the question of how to enter this site and order goods. It seems that the user is doing everything correctly, as well as to enter other resources, but it still does not come out. We answer your question - do not go to the Kraken, what to do.

1. No matter how ridiculous it may sound at first glance, the most common mistake is trying to go to another site. Using the wrong link will never get you to the Kraken;
2.To navigate the expanses of the Darknet, you need the right browser, which is TOR. It is one of the most secure search engines these days. If you haven't downloaded Tor, you won't be able to access the site;
3. Also, it is quite possible that the site is simply not working at the moment. To overcome this problem, you need to use mirrors of this site. What is a mirror? This is the same site with a different address. Such a resource gives you the opportunity to order the necessary goods and use your favorite services anytime and anywhere.
Use our tips and you will always have access to the most popular Darknet shop Kraken.